Here’s the situation:   You and your ex both work in the same company and in the same building.   Both of you already move on and now happily married to someone else.  Both of you have enough chance to meet each other in work related occasions.    And both of you still have that feeling of connection.

Truth is,  it’s not necessarily in the same building too :  Facebook and instant messenger make it easy to keep in touch whenever both of you feel like it.

Well I’ll be honest with you.  I have been in that situation.

Regardless of the state that it didn’t work for both of us in the past, I have to admit to myself that the connection once established between us has not fade away completely.

It’s a good thing that I was born a Virgo, who passionate in categorizing things down.

So here’s what I do as soon as I realize the attraction is mutual.

I ask  myself :  Is this for real, or is this just an echo from the past?  An echo will eventually fade out.    I immediately classify : is this merely physical, or is this mental?  Physical attraction is the easiest to get rid of.   If it’s mental, it takes much more effort of self will to get yourself out of the devil dance.

I have to know, because this is important for my self development.  It’s always been my passion to self analyze.  I just can’t help being overanalytic.

Since I have been in several relations before I finally settle down, so this method is applicable for several persons who once shared my life.

You might be in same condition which I’m in.  So, to avoid damage  coming from this situation in your currently happy marriage,  here’s what you got to do :

First,  be honest to yourself.  Observe :  can you handle yourself if you decide to go with your current state of the heart, or do you tend to loose control over your actions whenever he/she’s around.  If you are one of  rare those who know what you want in life and know how to get it and already got it, I guess you won’t have problems.

Second,  decide :  go with the flow,  ruin your professional image among co-workers and take a chance for potential damage in your home,


just stop right there and turn.  And back again whenever you already get the ability of super self control.

That’s my advice folks.

D is a mother of two who claims to comprehend life and now is enjoying the process of her own’s and her loved ones’ development.  If you like her posts you probably one of the kind with her.  You may send love/hate letters to this address here.


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