Curator :   Mr. M. Salman Ahady (MSA)

Venue    :  Rumah Bambu GTP D9/11 Cimanggis Depok

Free flow drinks and refreshment.  No swine flu checks for the guests.

Hanged paintings are on for  a week long (until sold), wall decorations are there for indefinite time, yet.


Please enjoy the sight of our livingroom…  Turned into a gallery overnight.

The ‘wall decorations’ is the Work of Love for about 1 year long by Ms YKF and MSA themselves, as soon as we moved in.   Thank God we haven’t felt the necessity to see an eye doctor, yet.  Or the handyman, to paint the wall over.  Not until the artists themselves are grown up to know the value of their work.


Expert say, parent is able to detect the psycho of their kids by observing their drawing. 

As far as I can see, Ms YKF’s drawing are colourful.  And she draws stuff that she sees everyday around the house.  For instance, the painting on the right is her ‘brown’ drawer,  colored by what the eyes of the beholder sees.

The background decorations is the result of MSA’s experiment on using his first non-toxic crayon.


See the bee above the flowers bed?

To reach the higher place, they utilize a chair or a small desk.  It’s obvious that their obsession was to fill up all over the wall.  This behaviour explains the primitive people’s cave development.


These ones are already sold.  To me and Ayah 🙂


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