Somehow this test is smelled fishy.  How come it says that this humble blog can only be understood by a genius??  Don’t you think so too mas Koen?

Here’s the result of the test.
cash advance

Oh come on!  Even a baby can read and enjoy my blog.   A baby like me 😉  

Or maybe not… 😦

Now I begin to lost my ground, … should I scream ‘STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!’  or should I yell.. ‘OH YOU GENIOUS YOU!!’ to react to this situation.

For those who want to try this test, go to criticsrant right here, click right there.  Go ahead.  It’s as easy as ABC.  But don’t ask me about the validity.

At first, I suspect for more readability  it is suggested that you use English language in your blog, so an elementary graduate can enjoy (according to  the test) every post even if the topics are mostly hitech-based.  

But someone please explain to me why this test can give out result of a blog that doesn’t even exist??

Here’s the test of a blog called
cash advance

Fast Payday Loans

Or of a site that doesn’t even there :
cash advance

Online Payday Loans

This last one needs somebody whose super vision to really see what’s inside this blog, BUT SURELY NEED NOT BE  A GENIUS!
And do you see that small line below the image?  Isn’t that what’s called advertisement?  Fishy… very fishy indeed…


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