Don’t read this if you’re easily bored, but go on if you have nothing else to do.  But if you are Budi Listiana, my dear, this is what you’ve started.

Last night my dear friend sent me text message as followed : ‘D, apa untungnya kita nulis di blog?’  She said she wanted very much to be a writer.

I know she wanted to discuss hard with me about blogging.  I could just phoned her and gave her had what she wanted, but I don’t like to talk much on the phone so I said I’ll write a blog to answer it.

I know that she already knows what she could gain by blogging, and I thought that she just wanted to share our perception, that’s all. 

This is what i could think about the advantages of blogging:

  1. Save your marriage life by getting closer to your spouse by letting him/her know your mind, your capacity growth, the other side of yourself, and not just taking you for granted in your limited time together.
  2. If you are an extrovert type,  it’s the place to express yourself.
  3. If you are an introvert type, you could still give your thought to your friends, and would not exhaust yourself in the process. 
  4. If you are a marketer, you could describe your products here.
  5. If you are a buyer, you could search by Google (TM) and find the comments on the product that you yearn to buy in other people’s blog or getting response to your own blog.
  6. If you’re a writer wanna be, blog is the perfect place you can get responses from the reader.
  7. If you think you cannot write well,  it doesn’t matter. As long as long as you can have fun getting your message across, you have colored the world.
  8. If you want to be judged fairly by your boss, invite him/her to see your blog.  

And if you could see the bright side of everything, the list is endless…

Simply said, you give other people new perspectives to think about.  As for myself,  when I lay down in the night, my thought unstoppably drifts on my friends’  blog.  I contemplate on them, and when I do this I always get the warm feeling of being closer to them.  Then I could always sigh wholeheartedly,  ‘Subhanallah’…………………


2 pemikiran pada “The Advantage of Blogging

  1. D, I feel like I have a soul mate in you, thanks blog, it open my eyes!Wow… it’s exciting!!!! -ini salah satu untungnya blog juga ya-

  2. Bener juga katamu Din,… blog ini membuka sisi lain tentang teman kita yang sebelumnya kita gak tau. Gambaranku terhadap orang yang aku baca blognya langsung berubah…

    I wish you write more about life story of you than work story… 🙂

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