It was a big day at the end of the workshop, when all the hard-built, argument thru processed, ISO 9002 documents of Divisi Infratel were finally temporary finished, collected and sorted by our facilitator.  The sweat was swept and the eye muscles were relaxed at last.  Hot chocolate was served and there was pleasant smell of variously mixed kind of coffee,  with sugar or plain black, with creamer or no creamer.  Funny stories got around and everyone could laugh their heart out, finally.

The aftermath of reorganization is always hard works: catching up with the transitions time schedule, rebuilding most of the systems according to the new role distribution of the organization, not to mention facing all kinds of conflicts that occur  in the nature of change process.   Everybody expects  a smooth transition, but it is just against the nature, so it’s not happening.

Our team was collected because there was the need to develop new ISO Procedures of Divisi Infratel that were not already in SOA procedures.  It is our company’s commitment to Quality and Compliance.  Now that I mention it..

Started from April 1st 2007, i have been appointed as Officer 1: Quality and Change Management.  Before that i did the work of an HR Representative in level Officer 1, but, with the payroll in level of Officer 2.  It is my duty to take care of every kind of HR related tasks, from employee administration, updating employee data and serving it for managerial needs, giving counseling of HR procedures to everyone who need the information, to a job that need top-discretion  as  secretary in SIJAB, handled by one person serving 700 headcounts.  And lately I had been given the responsibility to cover Financial related job too.  And as they weren’t enough, the Auditing job too.   Who said life is fair <grin>. 

But my hard works finally got noticed by our ‘benevolent’ General Manager (or is it my ‘existence’ that firstly recognized, because i have a cool aura around me).  Or maybe it was already my time to move up in the organization hierarchy (most of my friends are already way up there).

My GM said like this when we were in SIJAB room: “D, i will put you in this position (Quality n Change Mgt-red)  because it is already your job to ‘change’ the ‘management’.” 😛

Hahahahaha…. he’s playing the words of course, since i can’t be released from the SIJAB secretary job probably for the rest of my NetRe Jakarta life, but i heard the ringing of coins in my ear 😉  Finally, bigger paycheck i rightfully deserve! 😀

Ok, back to the workshop room, when somebody screamed at the top of his lungs: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAA….. ^&$%^#$&$%!!”

Everybody was like jumped and stared their eyes curiously, with annoyed look. But when they found out what happened, everybody started with each own tone of swearing.  People in the room was  perpelexed and the spirit run down instantly.

Man, our hardwork of 3 consecutive days  were missing from the folder just in 3 seconds, by a malicious hidden uninvited program who had replaced the contents of all the long documents just by two words :

Empty Headed


At that time, our heads were as empty as the Ms Words (TM) files in front of our eyes…….


Was the workshop a complete failure? Not really, because one or two of the workshop member has good commonsense to install the antivirus and the flowchart still can be saved since the virus were not onto Visio files.

But most of the laptop were already infected by the free flashdisk swopping activity.. 

Frankly, since the second day of the workshop there was report on  two laptops ‘down’ caused by virus, to the extent of complete program malfunction.  But nobody expected the virus to delete all the words documents (it is our foolish expectation of course) unmercifully like that!

It reminds me of a movie called ‘Independence Days‘, when several batallions of the highly tech armed alien who threated to destroy the earth was beaten loose just by -god knows how- the infiltration of a program, invented by a Jew,  causing the  alien’s sophisticated army system malfunctioned.  What an anti climax!

So guys, here’s to do when you carry out a workshop, especially when it is held out of town :

Do not bring a virus/worm/trojan infected laptop and also flashdisk or any removable storage device.  Clean all the devices before you go.

What else? well you know better what else but first, remember the above rule, because you can never negotiate with a virus………………………

Peace ‘V’  😀


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